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NLP Trainers Council, International Academy for Science and Culture, Imaton Center for Psychological Studies

invite you to join them for Methodology Research Conference:

The Multidimensional World - NLP Methodology and Modeling

, which will take place in the second decade of June, during the White nights period at St. Petersburg

It's been 25 years since "The Structure of Magic" appeared and the third millennium is now just round the corner.

The Conference will mark a new qualitative step in the NLP's history, when the period of initial accumulation of techniques gives up its place to methodizing and developig strategies for the future development of NLP regarded as

  1. Practical Philosophy of Life
  2. Sphere of Research
  3. Art
The Conference will bring together the NL Programmers of different age and origin. As the program states, the American and European colleagues will be also involved with the help of Video Conference.

Alexey I. Vovk, Doctor's Degree in Philosophy, IASC Academician
Michael S. Grinfeld, Business Consultant, NLP Trainers Council Coordinator

For registration and further prompt information on the Conference please contact:


NLP Trainers Council Open Session

Trainers Council - April, 1997 including a training program performed by J. Grinder in St. Petersburg

Press Release 1.

The NLP Trainers Council was created at Ericsson Hypnosis, Therapy and NLP Association. This newly formed body included the most well known NLP trainers and several representatives of different firms that practice the NLP training:
Council Regional Representatives:
The Council seeks to complete the following missions:
  1. To create a positive image of the NLP in Russia.
  2. To develop standards of NLP education.
  3. To collect, to work upon and popularize the information about development of NLP in Russia and over the world.
  4. To enhance the innovation and research activity in the field of NLP.
  5. Expertizing activity.
Trainers Council is a trial name, other variants are considered as well: e.g. Guild of Trainers or Trainers Union. The Council means to inform the public of its activity through the Information Bulletin of The Institute of Group & Family Therapy and through the Media interested in cooperation. We will appreciate your suggestions concerning our tasks, activity and the Council's name. We would also expect you to inform us of your own activity.
			E.I. Vill-Williams
			M.S. Grinfeld,
				 NLP Trainers Council Coordinators.

Press Release 2.

Ericsson Hypnosis, Therapy and NLP Association's NLP Trainers Council gathered in Moscow for their 2nd session. The program covered certification, Council membership, annual dues, communication and Public Relations matters. P. Vritsa took part in one of the sittings. The discussion was recorded on videotape. The Council is planning to hold a Policy Research Conference on NLP on December 2-3. The event will be followed on with an almanac publication.
			E.I. Vill-Williams, Moscow,
			M.S. Grinfeld, St. Petersburg,
				NLP Trainers Council Coordinaters

Press Release 3

The Ericsson Hypnosis, Therapy and NLP Association and The Institute of Group & Family Therapy have teamed up to hold a research conference "NLP in Russia: the Masters' Dialogue"
As the program states several workshops are planned at the conference:
The Conference will be followed on with an Electronic Almanac to report on materials of the sessions.
The Conference will take place in a comfortable Recreation Center near Moscow.
The approximate registration fee including accommodation and meals is $ 50 (paid in rubles) for NLP Masters $80 (paid in rubles) for the rest of participants.
NLP Trainers Council Coordinators
E.I. Vill-Williams
M.S. Grinfeld
Organizing Committee mailing address:

Press Release 4.

In December the NLP Trainers Council and The Institute of Group & Family Therapy organized near Moscow their first NLP Research Conference called "NLP in Russia: the Masters' Dialogue". The Conference brought together over 20 NLP specialists throughout Russia and the Baltic States with an exclusive participation of the British NLP Trainer P. Vritsa. The participants split up into four workshops:

- NLP as Synthesis of Many Disciplines

- NLP and Psychotherapy

- NLP and Business

- NLP - instruction

The program also included a special presentation by I. Varnakov "NLP as Model Shaman Practice"

NLP Trainers Council Coordinators
E.I. Vill-Williams, Moscow
M.S. Grinfeld, St. Petersburg